Maintain The Hygiene Of Food By Taking Up The Course

Food hygiene is a practice for proper food preparation by washing, cooking and storing it in good ways. Following the right ways prevents the food from cross contamination and spread of bacteria which can lead to food poisoning. Foods like tomatoes, jams, meat, jelly, etc. can easily get contaminated so they need to be handled properly.

There are many courses available for the safety of food and food hygiene certificate level 2 is a type of course which works for ensuring food hygiene and safety. The professionals working in the food industry should take up these courses to ensure that the food quality and hygiene is maintained.

How do you handle with food hygiene?

Personal hygiene – You have to wash your hands before handling the food and also have to encourage others to wash the hands before eating. Do not sneeze or cough near the food and also avoid smoking and eating in the kitchen area. Always wear clean clothes while cooking and do not work in the kitchen if you have any transmittable disease.

Storing food – Always use separate containers for storing the raw and cooked food. Store the cooked food in airtight containers for using them later in near future. Always cover the food to protect it from insects.

Cleaning – Keep the surface around the food preparation area clean, and also you have to keep the chopping board and utensil clean. Take a separate container for washing out the vegetables.

Food temperature or reheating the food – Do not reheat the food more than once and always keep the hot food above 63 degree C and kept the cold food below 5 degree C.